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Vegan Gel Polish : Well Gel London Review

by Mustafa Mehmet 20 Aug 2023

Hiya everyone, so I got so excited when I looked at some of the Ceramic gels I was sent by Well Gel London, so I’m going to give a little description and then reveal which are my favorites.Hiya everyone, so I got so excited when I looked at some of the Ceramic gels I was sent by Well Gel London, so I’m going to give a little description and then reveal which are my favorites.

• Cloudy Day: Coffee/Latte Thunder Clouds Colour
• Grapeful: Vintage Rose Colour with Mauve Undertone
• Powder Puff: Shimmery Pastel Pink Colour

Cloudy Day: When I opened the bottle I knew instantly this was going to be a favourite of mine. It has a coffee/latte sort of shade to it and as a coffee drinker it makes me think of a cafe. The colour also reminds me of storm clouds that you see before a thunderstorm and I love a good thunderstorm. I would also say it’s very neutral and could be used for shading in nail art.

Grapeful: A lovely cosy colour, my first thoughts were a cosy jumper with the cable knit. In fact would look lovely as nail art. This is definitely an Autumn shade, along with orange and brown colours this would make a great leafy Autumn Mani.

Powder Puff: Such a lovely delicate colour, this colour is very similar to a polish I own called Revlon Perfumeries Baby Powder which is scented. This would be a great Easter colour along with other pastels. This colour does have a lovely opalescent/shiny look to it, totally in love with this colour.

I cured these gels in my LED lamp for 30 secs each layer, they cured with a pretty shine so I left them without topcoat. Each polish worked well, no lumps, nice smooth formula, rich colours, can’t ask for more than that. So I told you I would say which is my all time fave from these gels and that is (dramatic pause) Cloudy Day. I want to use it in a stone marble design. I posted a sample on my Instagram of a design in mind @handieworksnails.

Well Gel make vegan friendly products for the nail pros and home users. There are no horrible chemicals, or sticky/tacky layer. Their colours are so vibrant and rich and are a dream to use.

I am easily frustrated at fiddly things, but found Well Gels products applied perfectly and cured evenly to a nice shine. It lasted around 2 weeks, with no topcoat. I will try with topcoat next, to see if the wear time is longer. Stay tuned on that!

Thank you so much Well Gel for sending these over for review.

If you would like to grab some of these colours for yourself go check out
@wellgellondon on Instagram. They also have a store on amazon.

Also remember to follow me on Instagram @handieworksnails for more pics and nail art ideas.
Happy Polishing
Sazjay xx

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