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Nice and Bright: Well Gel Review

by Mustafa Mehmet 20 Aug 2023

Hi everyone here I have another review from such a great product from Well Gel London. They are against Chemicals in nail product and strive to be vegan and chemical free.

• Monroe Marilyn Monroe classic lipstick
• Lily Pad Lime Green/Kermit
• Tangoed Orange Soda Colour
• Fill Me In Brown Soil colour

Monroe Firstly we have Monroe, this is a rich voluptuous red colour, iconic and was worn during that time in Hollywood. It is a very deep red, the first coat was thin and a little patchy but on the 2nd coat it leveled out. I actually applied 3 coat of this gel polish as it is quite sheer and could show VNL.

Lily Pad Oh my gosh, such a fun colour. A very Lime Green sort of colour. This could be used in a Summer mani. In fact an all seasons polish. I actually don’t have a colour similar to this. The closest I have is more a neon colour. I don’t usually like colours like this but recently I’ve been using more neons and brights and I could actually fall in love with the uniqueness of the colour.

Tangoed Well here is one of my favorite beverages captured in a Gel Polish; Tango Orange. This also made me chuckle as being ‘tangoed’ used to mean Fake Tanned… wrongly. I really like this colour, it is very funky but I seemed to be getting autumn vibes from it. It would also be lovely as a summer colour.

Fill Me In A soil sort of colour., dusty but also a look of velvety chocolate, this has got me thinking of a more rich chocolate. It was a little bit patchy on the first coat but by the second coat it leveled out. I actually don’t have a colour to compare this to. I can’t wait to use this in a mani

My favorites this time would have to be Munroe and Lily Pad. With Monroe the bright, rich jelly like feel would look nice on a clear tip, this although pretty; was one of the fiddliest ones to use but the end result wowed me. Lily Pad on the other hand is such a weird crazy colour and so much fun, I want to try adding this colour to nail art.

Application of the gels was smooth, no clogging and cured perfectly for 30sec’s each layer, finally adding Diamond Topcoat which cured in 60secs. Well Gel are a Vegan friendly and Chemical free brand. When I have asked about the products and ingredients they know their stuff and I learned a lot from it. So if you have any questions contact them at also on Amazon.
See Products on @wellgellondon

And if you would like to see more nail art and reviews follow me on Instagram

Thanks so much to Well Gel London for sending me these products to review.
Happy Polishing

Sazjay xx

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