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Well Gel Review

by Mustafa Mehmet 21 Aug 2023

Today I bring you a review and testing of some items that were sent to me from Well Gel London, they strive to bring Vegan safe products through their brand and to bring innovative technology to the nail tech industry without losing out on quality products.

* Pucker Up - a burnt orange/Brick Red Colour
* Kiss and Tell - Pastel/Baby Pink Colour
* That's so Mint - Reminds me of Tiffany Boxes
* Fusion - Burgundy/Mulberry Colour
* Mirror Chrome Kit - 025 Mirror Chrome
* Mirror Chrome Kit - 030 Lantern Green

Firstly we have Kiss and Tell this truly to me is a colour I could use as strawberry ice cream on some nail art, add some sprinkles and ta'dah. If you are familiar with Primark Polishes the only way I can describe this polish colour is Primark Instagirl - Mayfair. A colour I wear during spring/summer time when Sandals appear and Gym Shoes hide. This is a very pretty colour. It applies a little streaky on first coat but after applying the second it leveled out a bit better, I actually had to add an additional coat which made it look a lot better, still a gorgeous colour.

Next is  Pucker Up actually was opaque in 1 coat, but I usually apply 2 and this seemed to make the colour look even more rich and smooth. I don't actually have many colours like this just a couple oranges but this one looked so lovely and something I will definitely wear. Could be used as an Autumn colour but I do think we could get away with wearing it in summer.

Fusion; now this polish reminded me a lot of the gothic polishes I used to have a lot of, also a colour of lipstick I would tend to wear and still do to this day. It does has a slight see through aspect to this gel polish colour which doesn't take away from the richness of the colour. I applied 2 coats and this gave full coverage without patchiness or streaking. This is my fave, I think and I can't wait to try this on my toes.

That's So Mint is very pigmented and could also be a one coater, these types of colours in my mind usually take 3 coats for full opacity but this reached full opacity in 2 coats, another smooth application, and a colour I may use along with the Pucker Up and Fusion as maybe an Autumn mani or Halloween design. 

These nail gels are a new innovation in Gel they are Vegan and Chemical Free which is very unusual for gels. When opened they do have a distinctive plastic smell which could be because of the polymers they use, but not unpleasant smell none the less, in fact  a lot different than the gels I used back at nail school, they smelled like burnt strange plastic. 

Chrome Kit 025 Mirror Chrome when applied to the nail it gives a very nice mirror shine, gave the nail a Hematite gemstone sort of look over black which I totally love and opal effect over white, most chrome powders I have used in the past were silver chrome and were very lovely but when applying over white I could never see the effect. I love that everything is inside a little kit ready to use all that is needed is a lamp. Application was also easy I generally have problems with applying chrome powder to my nails but with top/base coat you receive with the kit it works effortlessly with it. I am definitely going to have to get some more of these.

Mirror Chrome Kit - 030 Lantern Green I really love this one over black, the green is very shiny and pretty. I was surprised that it worked well over the colours of gel that were sent to me but I have also tried it over some nail polishes I have at home. Just like the chrome powder mirror kit; this powder was easily applied to my nails with no patches or speckles. The powders are milled very finely, with some other brands I found that the final result was grainy or dulled as soon as I applied a base coat/topcoat of gel. Instead this only enhanced the end result and the effect was breath taking. I want to try more of their colours for sure.

Curing time was very fast in fact it took 30 secs in my Melodie Suzie LED lamp. Well Gel strive to make safer and vegan friendly products to reduce smells and the use of chemicals unlike other companies that may not do this. I was very surprised by the quality of the product the gel is not clumpy, it is very smooth and glides on the nail so effortlessly the gel polishes I was sent when cured had no sticky layer and could probably be left without a top coat, but I decided to add a top coat which came with  the chrome and glitter kit so as to prevent chipping.

In conclusion if you are a person that doesn't like using a lot of chemicals in your nail applications these Ceramic Gel polishes are a very good place to start, as always when applying gel polish try not to get it on the skin and I would definitely buy from them in the future for sure. Even down to the packaging the bottle is very weighty, there are swatch spots on the top of each lid which is easier to find the colour you might be looking for. I suggest to have a look at their site they sell more products on there as well as the Diamond Topcoat which I was told about from them which I would definitely love to try.

For swatches please check out my Instagram page and don't forget to add me on there for more nail pics.
Happy Polishing
Sazjay xx

Social Media:
Instagram: @handieworksnails
Instagram: @gelouslondon


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