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Reviewing Ceramic Gels:Well Gel London

by Mustafa Mehmet 21 Aug 2023

Today I bring you a review of the Ceramic Gel colours from Well Gel London. They are a vegan brand which aim to offer a safer product and are also chemical free. I was kindly sent some gels from them to reiview.

Here is what they sent me:

  • Baby Doll - Summer/ Girly Pink Colour
  • Sweetie Pie - Pinkish Red Colour
  • Passion - Dark Burgundy/Red/Mulberry Colour
  • Chocolate Brownie - Cadbury Chocolate Vibe

Baby Doll:  First off we have Baby Doll.  It is a very sheer yet sparkly gel over natural nails, over white I applied 2-3 thin coats which made the colour pop a whole lot better.  I think this colour could be for the newbie to colour; from mild to vivid.  When I saw the final result it looked like a light bubblegum pink colour, very nice indeed and perfect for a lovely sunny holiday, also gorgeous over a french manicure to give a little bit of sparkle.  I can't compare this to anything in my polish collection I don't have this colour which also made me more excited for this colour.

Sweetie Pie:  Next we have Sweetie Pie, this is a Pinkish Red colour there is also an orangey vibe from this like orangey red with a pink like shine to it only spotted in certain angles or light but I fell in love with this I actually don't have a similar colour to this gel polish either which was so cool. I think this colour would look great on sun tanned skin, although it would look nice on others too.  I actually quite liked it, even on my fair skin it looked gorgeous.

Passion:  Such a rich colour, so pretty.  I actually love these sorts of colours, gothic sort of but also autumn/winter cosy.  I know so extreme in that explanation, I am actually formulating nail art ideas using this colour so check out my instagram for updates on that. Anyways, it went on so smooth and would actually be a one coater very highly pigmented although I always add 2 which made this look so much more gorgeous, when I swatched this I instantly smiled and had to put this on my nails.  I think this would look good with the chrome glitter over this another mani idea hmm..

Chocolate Brownie:  As a lover of chocolate and colours like these mostly chocolate though, this reminded me of a rich warming cup of Hot Chocolate on a cold evening very comforting.  A very delicious looking colour, has a slight mauve undertone to it.  Reminds me of a Polish I have which is PS.. Instagirl One Coat - It Girl.  I will most definitely be wearing this colour often and actually have a mani in my mind for this colour which is coffee related for sure.  I also think this colour would go well with Passion as the two colours would compliment each other.

With all of these Ceramic Gels no top coat is required, I cured this in my Melodie Suzie LED Lamp for 30 sec's each layer of gel and when I applied the top coat it took 60 sec's and made them even more vibrant and shiny, they cure with no sticky/tacky layer, have a lovely glossy shine, and last 2-3 weeks there was no chipping and the colours looked so good outside in natural light.Well Gel do a Diamond Topcoat which can be used to add more wear to your mani and also is used for the mirror chrome glitter kits.

I had no issues with the items I was sent over to review they applied very easily and quickly minimal streaking and looked absolutely stunning when on the nails.
If you would like to check out Well Gel's Products jump over to their website or look on amazon for all the
amazing colours on offer.
Happy Polishing
Sazjay xx

Instagram: @gelouslondon
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